There are thousands of articles on the Internet about professional development and personal growth. In the Facts or Assumptions? section we look more closely at the most popular ones. We encourage you to look at them critically.

  • Which of them are based on facts and scientific research?
  • Which ones are just a collection of author's beliefs, that even though sincere, are not always true?
  • Is there any sales pitch hidden?

And finally... Why are you reading these articles? What is your true motivation?
- Is it the need for instant pleasure during reading (the illusion of achievement right now)?
- Or need and intent to introduce real changes in your life (true achievement in the future)?

Only you can answer these last questions and it might be hard to be really honest with yourself. This is why we invite you to warm up as an article critic - because it is much easier to judge others.


Audio transcription

Hi, I’m Suzain from Project BETTER.ME where we help to do more than just reading motivating articles.

Have you been thinking about asking for a raise this year?

An article from www.mainstreet.com suggests we should stop waiting to negotiate our pay because companies expect it. After going through economical and financial data you will learn why more than 40% of Americans didn't attempt to negotiate for a raise at their current job.

In a survey conducted by Salary.com they found out that 84% of the employers expect both current and prospective employees to negotiate their salaries. In the same survey, Salary.com discovered that none of the employers said they had fired or demoted an employee for trying to renegotiate their pay. In fact, more than 70% of employers said they respected candidates and employees who did that.

If this sound interesting to you please read entire article and answer our 3 simple questions.
- Feel the difference between reading and doing.

Good luck and see you soon!